When the owner calls his name, the horse hides behind a tree…This charming and amusing video will make you giggle

Nobody likes to be told what to do and given directions. When ordered to clean up their room, kids will act out a variety of ways to express their resentment.

For children who are angry, crying and stamping their feet are common actions. Most of the time, commands are not well received by adults either.

Animals don’t seem to like being forced to perform anything against their will, as one YouTube video shows so well.

A horse is seen spending time outdoors at the beginning of the 15-second clip. Off to the left of the frame,

in a sizable field, the horse is by himself. It is situated near some fencing and a sizable tree.
A woman yells at the horse a few seconds into the video.

The woman tells the horse, ‘Eddy, if you want to come in, you gotta make a run for it.’

Rain is steadily dropping to the earth. The horse seemed to be having a good time despite the less-than-ideal weather.

Eddy is very clear that he does not want to enter the house.In fact, the big animal answers in arguably the funniest manner imaginable.

It places itself precisely behind a large tree. The animal is entirely concealed.Eddy’s owner is not particularly amused by the pet’s humorous answer.

‘What? Behind that tree, you are not hiding. I am aware that you are not, says Eddy’s owner. Eddy’s owner calls out to the dog one more just before the clip comes to a close.

She asks, ‘Eddy?’

Her desperate attempt completely fails. The horse remains stationary and hides behind the tree.
In this hilarious battle of wills, it’s hard to tell who won!

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