«It would be nice if no one noticed her» always the prettiest Julia Roberts now caught in an unkempt look

«Once flawless Pretty Woman is already disappointing!»😬🥴Julia had no idea that paparazzi cameras could notice her in this form: she looks awful💔See for yourself by looking at photos here👇👇👇

The incredible actress Julia Roberts became popular thanks to the timeless comedy «Pretty Woman»․ This film gave her great success and won the hearts of millions of viewers.
Roberts has always been against any cosmetic surgery or injections. But the world is such that all creatures begin to age, and wrinkles appear on people’s faces.

The Hollywood star who conquered the world is also no exception. Recently, the paparazzi noticed Julia on the street and immediately took pictures of her, and the photos ended up on the Internet․ There were many people who began to criticize her appearance because of the wrinkles on her face.

Many advised me to contact plastic surgeons. But the actress, as always, did not accept the advice and decided to accept her aging, saying that aging is natural.
She is sure that one should not turn to plastic surgeons to hide aging, there is no point in this.

However, Julia does not condemn all her colleagues and other stars who undergo plastic and cosmetic interventions. She claims that everyone should decide for themselves how to look.
Loyal fans praised her for her natural beauty and considered her beautiful even with wrinkles.
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