This woman received a lot of criticism after her marriage six years ago.

The adjective “ugly” is unattractive. especially considering that it has no purpose. Due to how the concept of beauty — and its antithesis — has changed over time, what society considers lovely one day may be completely different the next.

When this Russian woman got married six years ago, she received a lot of feedback about how she looked. Six years later, she has made an amazing recovery.

This joyful Russian couple couldn’t wait to show the world their love back in 2011. But as soon as they posted wedding photos on Facebook, vile internet trolls took possession of them.

She received a lot of comments and criticism about how she looked from people all over the world, prompting some to call her “the ugliest bride in the world.”

They don’t care about the skeptics since they are in love.

Any disparaging comments weren’t important to the bride and groom. They were so much in love that they didn’t give a damn.

They disproved those who said they wouldn’t last and that their love was a façade. They wouldn’t allow a horde of trolls to spoil their fun.

Skin can seep, but not only skin.

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