Rod Stewart Fed Up With Town’s Excuses Fills Potholes Himself As Council “Won’t Bother”

Sir Rod Stewart, the legendary music icon, once crooned, “It’s a hard, hard road I travel,” little knowing that his lyrics would soon take on a literal meaning.

The 77-year-old pop star found himself squaring off with his local council over the deplorable condition of a particular road.

Potholes were the bone of contention.
Not one to just grumble about it, Stewart decided to roll up his sleeves and do something about it, stunning everyone with his hands-on approach to community service.

The notorious road, riddled with potholes, had become a dangerous obstacle course for drivers.

Even emergency vehicles weren’t spared, experiencing punctures that added to the concern.
In a commendable act of public service, Stewart chose to personally fill these potholes, aiming to make a positive difference.


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