The remarkable makeover of this grandmother’s home by her granddaughter left everyone amazed

The girl repaired her grandmother’s “renovation” and completely revamped the run-down apartment!  Here are some before-and-after photos that will leave everyone in awe!

Of course, when one looks at this apartment, it doesn’t seem as if it urgently needs renovation. However, the granddaughter of today’s poor and aged granny decided to radically transform the place and now it looks totally different.

She simply wanted her senior grandmother not to live in bad conditions and determined to change everything to the roots. The house not only became lighter and more stable, but also more comfortable and aesthetic.


This is what it looked like before. When looking at these photos, it becomes hard to believe that such a place would turn into such an amazing and luxurious house. Let’s start with the corridor.


Soon, Alisa started working hard and diligently! There is no door between the corridor and the living-room. The whole territory constitutes 74 square meters and the height is three meters. This is what it looked like before the makeover!


The house is painted in white, gray and deep green colors. The furniture in the kitchen has orange elements. This vibrant color became the final touch to the monotonous shades of the walls and furniture.

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