What a fantastic transformation! The incredible makeover of this electrical substation left everyone speechless

The family purchased an old electrical substation and turned it into their dream home! 😲🤭The photos of the phenomenal transformation you can find in this article!👇👇👇

It stands to reason that far not everyone will undertake the task of creating a dream home from an old collapsed building. Yet, for the Bartkevicius couple from this didn’t seem a big problem.

The couple came across an old abandoned building that previously was an electrical substation. It looked super unattractive and miserable, but Mark had a feeling that this very building should become their family nest. By the way, the basic elements of the building remained stable – the floors, the facade.

They was already ready to begin the radical renovation. But lengthy paperwork made everything even harder and it all took no less than two whole years.

During this time, the family found a designer and a whole group of builders, and received a finished project. In a month, the old substation looked totally unrecognizable. Huge panoramic windows appeared on the faxade, letting in a lot of light.

The owner of the house has always had a dream to have a green bathroom. But such an original decision seemed risky and too bold for her. But the new house gave inspiration, and now the bathroom looks chic in an emerald tone.

White, brown and gray finishing colors were chosen for the living room, and wooden furniture complemented the interior. Now their favorite place in the whole house is the terrace with an amazing view

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