«She is like granddaughter to him» The entire public is disappointed to see Dolph Lundgren’s young partner

«He is 64, she is 26, it’s a shame!»😲American actor Lundgren was spotted with his young bride and caused discussions due to the age difference🧐😬See how the couple looks in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Dolph Lundgren, a famous American actor who turned 64-years-old, recently surprised all his fans. He was spotted in West Hollywood near one of the restaurants with his young bride Emma Krokdal, 26-years-old.

Later on social networks, Dolph shared a photo from that evening when they were at this restaurant for dinner. The girl replied: «You can often see us in the same clothes»․

Emma Krokdal worked as a fitness instructor and met the actors at the gym. The girl admitted that she did not know about the fame of Dolph Lundgren. And only in 2020 they were engaged and posted photos from their engagement on social networks. However, there were rumors that the couple secretly got married in 2021, but this is actually not true.

The Hollywood actor is the father of two children with jewelry designer Anette Qviberg. The eldest daughter is 26-years-old, and the youngest is 21-years-old. The girls don’t mind their father’s new young bride and get along well with her. Internet users often discuss their communication.
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