Sofía in Neon Green Swimsuit Marks 30M IG Followers

She was relaxing in Italy wearing a neon green swimsuit while celebrating her 30m followers on Instagram with her snaps and thanking them for their support.

Sofía wrote: “30,000,000 followers!! Thank u to u all! Thank u for always being there for me! Thank u for always supporting me in everything I do!! Besos from Italy.”

Her blonde hair was loosely let down on her shoulders while enjoying her vacation during the two-week AGT hiatus since June 28.

Howie quote tweeted AGT’s official tweet announcing the team’s return on July 11th.

She celebrated her 51st birthday and shared another collection of pics.

“What a bday day!!! 🥳 🥳#51,” she captioned the post. Fans were quick to share their disappointment for the long break.

She and her husband listed their Beverly Hills mansion at $18m, which is $2m lower than last year’s price tag.

They listed the house for the second time this year after Sofia bought it in 2014 for $10.6m. A year later, she got married to Manganiello.

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