Instagram star Amber Rusty who weighed 700 pounds was able to loose weight, the result is amazing

«Turned out there was a real beauty hidden in her!»😲😍Stress turned Amber into a bun, but she overcame it becoming from 700 to almost 200 pounds🫣Photos before and after see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

The problem was that it was already difficult to walk and she was spending the whole day on the sofa. Fortunately, there was a man next to her named Rusty who always helped her. Only he, among all the girl’s acquaintances, decided to help her and accept her for who she really is.

Rusty is the only person who never teased or criticized Amber for being overweight and always supports her in all matters.

Rusty stayed by her side until she achieved the perfect result. She went through great difficulties to achieve this result. This is what Amber Rusty looks like now.

The girl who once weighed 700 pounds has now changed noticeably and is finally maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is now on a diet and looks very attractive.

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