«Did anyone call for an icon?» Robbie graced the Red Carpet in an iconic vintage dress

Margot Robbie showed up in the iconic vintage dress of Schiffer recreating her legendary look! 😮💘 No one on the Red Carpet took their eyes off the Barbie! 🫣 See the photos in this article! 👇

The iconic look of the Barbie let no one remain indifferent. This talented and accomplished movie star gave her preference to a pink strapless dress with a deep neckline recreating the iconic image of Schiffer.

The outstanding actress drew absolutely everyone’s special attention at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. She graced the Red Carpet and seemed fully prepared for the premiere.

Her cute blonde curls and delicate makeup weren’t unnoticed as well. The whole thing is that the vintage mini dress was previously worn by the iconic supermodel.

«What a hottie! It is impossible to take our eyes off her!», «What a slender body she has!», «This dress is literally made for her», «Did anyone call for an icon?», «The Barbie of our generation!», «She definitely outdid Schiffer».

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