Simon Cowell Made A Fortune On American Idol – Meet His Only Child

Simon Cowell rose to prominence as an employee of a record label. Over the course of his career, the British TV producer and celebrity judge has earned a sizable fortune.

Simon gained a new following through talent shows thanks to his surprisingly honest performances.

Perhaps that’s how he’s amassed such a big wealth. New details on Simon Cowell’s pay for each season of American Idol have emerged, revealing that he has been paid tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Simon Cowell achieved success in the music industry on his own after leaving school.

His father’s contacts at EMI assisted him in obtaining a position as an assistant in charge of discovering and nurturing new musical talent.

After rising through the ranks at EMI, he created not one, but two failed record labels.

Most people would have given up after moving back home with his parents, but he persisted. But it was a “relief” for Simon Cowell.

“Everything went – my house, my Porsche, all the things I thought were important,” he said. “I ate well every night at home.” “I was really pleased.”

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