The Must-Have Kitchen Tool That Makes Prepping Herbs So Much Easier

When it comes to fresh herbs and dried herbs, there’s no contest. Fresh herbs are irreplaceable in raw dishes like salads, dressings, pesto, and garnishes. They tend to taste better and add more flavor than their dried counterparts. But their biggest drawback is their preparation. Dried herbs come ready to go, but fresh ones require washing, stripping, and chopping. This process can be extremely tedious depending on the herb. But if you love using fresh herbs, meet the herb stripper, an underrated tool that can speed the preparation process.

What is an Herb Stripper?

As so named, herb strippers help remove leaves from stems. They come with different sized holes to fit different herbs. You simply place the stem on one side of the smallest hole it’ll fit into and pull it through until all the leaves come off. Some strippers have holes large enough to strip kale or other leafy vegetables. Some types can also come with a blade so you can strip and chop herbs with the same utensil. Others have bowls attached to catch the leaves as they go through the holes. [1]


herb due to its fresh and subtle flavor. While the leaves are the most potent, the stems can also contribute to a dish. Use it as a garnish to season a soup or to enhance a salad. The possibilities are pretty endless, but parsley is especially delicious with pasta, butter, eggs, and lemon.

Oregano – Oregano has a strong flavor that is quintessential to recipes like chili pasta and pizza sauces. Unlike herbs like basil, oregano can withstand heat, so you can add it toward the beginning of the cooking process. But remember to exercise restraint with oregano so it won’t overwhelm the other ingredients. Keep the stems to add flavor to stocks and soups.

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