Normalizing Normal Bodies: Influencer Shares ‘Unedited’ Photos

See how an influencer shares ‘perfect’ and ‘unedited’ photos to promote body positivity and keep normalizing normal bodies.

Normalizing normal bodies, Georgie Clarke, a blogger from the UK, overcame the pressure of self-criticism and mental health struggles.

After seeking therapy and practicing self-love, she finally broke free from the vicious cycle that haunted her for years.

Normalizing Normal Bodies

Having learned to accept herself, Clarke launched a series on Instagram to remind her 690K followers not to trust everything they see on social media.

Her posts feature side-by-side photos of the same outfits and makeup, taken just a minute apart but with different approaches.

Normalizing Normal Bodies

Despite the power of lighting and angles, Clarke stays true to the unedited truth.

She said: “The left image required to find the best light, find the most flattering angle, tense bum, stand on tiptoes, tense stomach and holding a breath. The right image requires nothing; just let relaxing and smiling. Both images are for my Instagram because I believe both images show my true self.”

She expressed her desire to capture beautiful images while also revealing the truth and reality behind seemingly perfect picture

She insisted: “Normalize normal bodies. This is a reminder that just because someone appears to be smiling in a picture does not mean they’re not battling their own issues.”

The blogger’s series is making a difference by proving that the seemingly flawless people we see on our feed and compare ourselves to, are not perfect.

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