Mom Called A Freak After Getting Over 800 Tattoos – struggles to find employment because employers won’t hire her

Even though her peers have labeled her a “freak,” a mother’s two devoted children nevertheless look up to her as a role model.

The woman doesn’t have any inherent defects in her appearance. Instead, she has “prison style” tattoos all over her body and won’t stop getting more, claiming she has an addiction despite her failure to obtain employment and the verbal abuse she receives every time she leaves the house.

Continue reading to learn how this mother demonstrates responsible parenting to her kids.

Welsh woman Melissa Sloan, 46, has a 26-year love/hate relationship with a tattoo machine.

She started accumulating tattoos when she was twenty years old.

Sloan is fully aware that the more successful she gets, the more difficult her life will be now that she has embraced the fact that she is a social outcast.

It’s like when you have a [cigarette] or a drink, you get addicted. I can’t stop it now, it’s addictive, for me anyway. I just can’t stop it,” said Sloan, adding that since tattoo parlors started denying her, because she’s “beyond help,” she got her own kit.


She continued, “I carry the [tattoo] gun around with me in the boot, and I’ll get one in the car or anywhere.”

Sloan is unable to obtain a gainful job owing to the massive ink covering her body and face, yet she still has her partner give her three “tattoos prison style” every week.

Her body has almost 800 tattoos.

Sloan claimed that although she had worked as a toilet cleaner, she no longer wants to do so.

“I can’t get a job. They won’t have me. I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live and they won’t have me because of my tattoos…People have said I have never had a job in my life, I have had one once and it didn’t last long.” She continued, “But, if someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would go and work–I would take that offer.”

Sloan states that because she is unable to find employment, people treat her like an outcast and that whenever she leaves the house, she is subjected to verbal abuse, derision, and other unwanted attention.

“Worse, the more I have the more they think I’m a freak. They jump out of the way and I think ‘what are you doing that for?’ It’s horrible,” she said. “I expected this in life, I can’t fit in with people as I like to be me and I’m always going to be myself.”

Sloan further asserts that she has been denied access to school activities in which her two young children, aged 8 and 10, might be taking part. Even it won’t stop her.

“The kids say, ‘mum they’re looking at you’ and I say ‘take no notice of them,’” said the body art enthusiast, adding that her kids pick up on negative attitudes towards her. “They say my children will run away when they’re older, that’s heartbreaking.”

Sloan has probably affected her children and encouraged them to look up to her as a role model because they already enjoy body art.

“They got some on their arms last night, they’ve got school so they will have to take them off,” Sloan said, about allowing the children to have temporary tattoos, with promises for permanent art in the future. “I tell them they’ll have better ones when they are older.”

She was a typical Jane before she started getting tattoos. She shared pictures of her face on Instagram before getting any tattoos.

You wouldn’t be able to identify her today if you knew her then.

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