Born Without A Nose, Here’s What Tessa Evans Looks Like At 10

Tessa Evans, born on Valentine’s Day in 2013, has captured the hearts of people worldwide despite being born without a nose. Less than 100 individuals worldwide share her condition, known as Bosma arhinia microphthalmia syndrome (BAMS). Her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, were shocked at her birth, as their pregnancy had been normal with no signs of complications.

Tessa’s resilience and positive attitude have been praised by her family and many others. She lives in Maghera, Ireland, and has become the first person to receive nasal implants at the age of two, defying the challenges posed by her unique condition.

BAMS affects Tessa’s ability to smell and breathe through her nose, but she can still cough, sneeze, and experience a cold. Her early life was marked by challenges, including a five-week stay in intensive care and the addition of a tracheostomy tube when she was less than two weeks old, enabling her to eat and sleep normally.


Tessa’s groundbreaking surgery involved cosmetic nasal implants, a procedure typically done during adolescence. Her parents made the decision early to avoid more invasive surgeries in the future. The long process of surgeries will continue until Tessa turns 13, with the final step involving a medical tattoo artist creating detailed contours and nostril shading.

Despite the difficulties, Tessa remains strong and happy. Her positive outlook shines through as she expresses anticipation for her new nose, emphasizing that her condition won’t hinder her from doing anything. Her energy has continued to improve as she grows older.

Grainne, Tessa’s mother, shared the emotional journey and the challenges faced during the donation process. Despite setbacks, Tessa’s spirit inspires those around her. When she saw her new nose for the first time, she expressed love and happiness, embodying her zest for life and unwavering courage.

Tessa’s story, shared on her Facebook page, “Tessa; Born Extraordinary,” has garnered widespread admiration. People celebrate her beauty, strength, and happiness, emphasizing that her face, though different, is exceptionally beautiful. Tessa’s journey serves as an inspiration, touching the hearts of those who follow her story online.


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