«Revealed long-awaited baby» Paris Hilton showed her baby’s first photo and became a cause of discussions

«It’s unlikely that she will become a good mother!»🙄😳Hilton shared a photo of the baby, and despite her expectations received an unpleasant response🙁And the photo she shared, see in the article👇👇👇

Finally the baby is born! When Paris Hilton became a mother, all her fans were delighted to learn about it. A beautiful actress who married her lover and when the baby was already born, Hilton decided to share this great news with her fans. She shared a touching photo of a baby’s hand squeezing her finger.

All her loyal fans and friends congratulated Paris and wished them health with the baby. But there were people who criticized the photo of the star with her son. «All attention is on the manicure, not on the baby», «She even photoshopped this photo», «It seems to me that she will not become a good mother», they wrote. Paris didn’t pay attention to all these negative comments.

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