In a granny’s knickers and with zero size!»: The new disappointing photos of Margot Robbie caused a stir

The fans were disappointed to see the Barbie in a granny’s knickers and with zero size! 🧐😮 This is what the actress looks like when she thinks no one is watching her! 🫢😬

The life and appearance of this Hollywood actress will never cease to pique the interest of millions across the world. She is believed to be one of the most beautiful film stars in the industry and this is definitely not for no reason.

Though she is 31 and already married, the number of her male fans is dramatically increasing. Some imitate Robbie trying to look like her and some fall in love with her being unable to resist such angelic beauty.

Photographers have recently been lucky to catch her in a two-piece swimsuit. It is worth mentioning that not everyone was pleased with the Hollywood star’s natural appearance. To some, her old-fashioned bikini resembled granny’s knickers.

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