The Pretty Woman is not the same!»: The disappointing photos of Roberts surface the network

Our favorite Pretty Woman scared off the fans with her appearance! 🧐 The fans refused to believe that this unattractive woman was Julia Roberts! 🤯😱

There is a misconception that stars always appear with makeup, hairdo and in gorgeous  outfits. Yet, we should remember that they are ordinary people too and have the absolute right to wear casual clothes and show up with no cosmetics on.

Photographers have lately been lucky enough to catch the world-renowned Hollywood actress with no hint of makeup and in casual clothes. To say that her present appearance left a lot to be desired is actually nothing to say.

The new paparazzi photos immediately made a splash. People will keep highly appreciating her honesty and openness towards her loyal fans. It is needless to say that time and age have already taken their toll.

The only thing that remained completely unchanged is her charming smile. Far not everyone could resist and not to fall in love with her due to her unique laughter.

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