«On a wheelchair, looking miserable!» The way the terrible ailment has changed Applegate broke the fans’ hearts

This is what multiple sclerosis has done to a 90s’ cinema icon! 😬😦 Till the last minute the fans refused to believe that it is Christina Applegate here! 😱💔 Cameras captured scandalous snapshots of the actress which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

Just imagine the fans’ surprise and disappointment when it became clear that it is their favorite Christina Applegate in these photos. The successful 51-year-old actress is mainly remembered as an iconic film star from the early 1990s.

On her Twitter, the popular actress has admitted that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her health state leaves a lot to be desired.

«What a pity! I have no words to describe my sadness», «How unfair life sometimes can be!», «Wish God gives you patience and a quick recovery!», «She will always stay my most favorite actress no matter what».

«Let everything be okay with you!», «Time is merciless!», «And I still remember her as a young and beautiful actress..».


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