At age 66, a woman gives birth to a child

For the rest of your life, you will reflect on the day you became a parent. Just recently, a unique little person that relies on you was brought into the world. It’s your duty to create the ideal environment for them and support the realization of their dreams.

When Adriana Iliescu gave birth to her first child in 2005, she garnered headlines around the world. The reason? She was 66 years old.

When Adriana gave birth to her daughter Eliza, she was overcome with excitement.

The elderly mother has been out of the public eye for 17 years, but some recently released, well-publicized images of her daughter have brought her back.

Some days have the power to completely change someone’s life. It goes without saying that no parent who has ever experienced becoming a parent can adequately explain the moment they meet their child.

When that cute little kid first glances up at you, it’s the sweetest sensation in the world.

Some people are born into history books and become immortal.

When Eliza Iliescu was born in Romania in 2005, she had that exact experience. Because of the girl, the girl’s mother made history.

At 66 years old, Adriana Iliescu became the oldest mother ever. Eliza’s birth garnered media attention for obvious reasons, earning Adriana a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2010, Adriana opened up about motherhood and shared her experiences after receiving severe criticism after giving birth. The general public thought she was selfish and excessively elderly.

“The mirror is unfair to women, but if you look at how vibrant I am, you’d think I’m a young lady. I feel like I’m 37 when I’m a little more worn out, but I just feel like I’m 27. She told Daily Mail, “I am in better health than women twice my age.

Even though some people find it amusing to refer to me as a “grandma,” Eliza wasn’t there to make me look younger. Never do I feel my age.

Adriana, who was 71 at the time, also said during her conversation with the British tabloid that she planned to have another child.

Medically, it’s possible, she added. I know that studies with a 70-year-old woman are currently being conducted in England, so it might be possible. I am in good health and think I can have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush right now.

Adriana and Eliza, like most mothers and daughters, have become close through time. Eliza is a cheerful, intelligent, and utterly content young lady.

The grandma maintains that Adriana is a wonderful mother and looks after Eliza in every manner, even though many people have an opinion about her age.

I don’t use tobacco or drink alcohol. If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 years old when I pass away. I think I still have a lot to give her, Adriana says.

Adriana did not plan on getting pregnant at such a late age. When Adriana Iliescu was a young newlywed, she was forced to have an abortion due to health issues. She was 24 when her husband abandoned her.

Adriana subsequently focused on other facets of her life as well as her career as a professor at a Romanian university.

I was unable to even consider having a child while I was working, she continued.

Yet until I got my doctorate at age 37, I wasn’t ready to start a family. Nevertheless, IVF was not yet a thing.

Adriana was 57 years old when in-vitro fertilization became an option in Romania. Adriana’s first pregnancy in 2000 resulted in a miscarriage despite seeking therapy.

Others turned away from her because she wanted to have children. They thought Adriana was acting immorally, but she persisted in her desire to have children and never gave up.

Eliza was eventually born after receiving treatment from Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest. Adriana had been expecting triplets, but only Eliza survived after the other two died in the womb. Unfortunately, because of her premature delivery, she had to spend a lot of time in the NICU.

But soon, as she became stronger and more resilient, Adriana—who was deeply religious—wanted to baptize her daughter. A few religious organizations, nevertheless, opposed Adriana having a kid at such a late age. At Eliza’s baptism, Adriana received weird looks from the nuns; one even called her “the product of dark energy.”

Adriana claims that Eliza is a gift from God.

Adriana gave birth to her first child in 2022, which has been 17 years ago. Adriana is usually mistaken for Eliza’s grandmother, but they are currently having a blast together.

But the seasoned mother still feels great, intellectually and physically. She is a very loving person, and that is what it takes to nurture a child.

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