61-yr-old cockatoo who has only known neglect finally says ‘first words’ with new family

The heartwarming story of Fred, a 61-year-old cockatoo shows his journey from neglect to newfound happiness.
Fred’s tale begins with a grim past, as he was discovered in a house overrun by raccoons, feral cats, and skunks, living in a dirty cage and missing a wing.


The video captures these moments of Fred’s newfound vocal expression, symbolizing his liberation from the past.

The sanctuary’s care for Fred extends beyond just addressing his physical needs.

Understanding the emotional trauma he endured, they provided him with a safe space where he could feel protected and loved.

This emotional healing is crucial for animals like Fred, who have experienced neglect.

The video shows Fred’s desire for affection, as he seeks out snuggles and reassurance, demonstrating the importance of emotional well-being in animal care.

Despite his physical challenges, including a missing wing and a heart murmur, Fred’s resilience is remarkable.

The sanctuary plans to conduct an EKG to assess his heart condition further and continues to provide him with necessary treatments, like nasal flushes.
This comprehensive care approach is vital for animals like Fred, who require specialized attention due to their unique health issues.

Fred’s physical recovery is also a significant aspect of his story. He has regained strength, allowing him to engage in playful activities like hopping and sprinting around the room.


These actions are not just physical exercises but also expressions of his joy and contentment in his new home.
The video captures these moments, showcasing Fred’s energetic and playful side.

The transformation Fred has undergone since his rescue is nothing short of miraculous. From a state of neglect and silence, he has blossomed into a lively, vocal bird, full of personality.

This change is a powerful reminder of the impact of compassionate care and a supportive environment on animals recovering from trauma.

The sanctuary’s goal for Fred is to provide him with the best possible retirement.

They focus on a nutritious diet and a loving environment to ensure his well-being in his later years. Cockatoos like Fred can live into their 90s, so this long-term care approach is essential for his continued health and happiness.

Fred’s story is a poignant reminder of the resilience of animals and the transformative power of love and care.

His journey from a neglected, silent bird to a joyful, expressive cockatoo shows the positive impact that dedicated animal rescuers and caregivers can have

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