«With spicy look on the red carpet» Lady Gaga with her unique image stunned the ceremony attendants

«And she wanted to attract people in this way?»😲Gaga appeared at the event in a close-fitting translucent dress and made splash🥴😳It doesn’t suit her, see for yourself in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

The Oscar ceremony took place in Los Angeles where Lady Gaga was present and surprised the entire audience with her dress. She chose an unusual dress and looked attractive from the front. Lady Gaga wore a sheer black dress with a satin skirt from Versace.

While she walked along the red carpet, everyone present and her fans began to discuss her. One of the photographers was delighted with her unique dress and began to stalk her. At this point the photographer tripped and fell in an attempt to get as many images as possible.

At this point, Lady Gaga immediately ran up to him and helped him stand up. The interesting moments didn’t end there! During the ceremony, the singer took the stage and decided to perform the song for which she was nominated. The entire audience was delighted with her performance.

But despite this, everyone expected her dress to be more attractive. Many praised her for the dress and some were unhappy with her choice. However, she stunned everyone by wearing the simplest of outfits.

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