Never say never and it’s never too late even if you are 60!»: Here she is, years later, the girl born to a 60-year-old grandmother

The girl born to a mom at the age of 60 experienced what follows: most current photos of them.


Meet Galina, who at the age of 60 made the decision to have a child after losing her only child. She turned to IVF after suffering such an irreparable loss in order to relive the joys of parenting.

Many people mistakenly believed she was a single mother, but she actually has a supportive spouse. Even at this age, they remain devoted partners who treasure their union.


She married at the age of 55, and they welcomed a long-awaited kid in 2015 that completely altered their life. She responds that she is constantly occupied and active when people ask her how she stays so young.

Of course, she receives severe criticism from some, but she doesn’t appear to care and seems to be entirely focused on raising her child.

She is praised highly by others for her bravery, tenacity, and determination.

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