When breastfeeding, the mom was asked to cover up, but wait till you see her response

In 2022, the debate over whether women should be allowed to breastfeed in public still rages on.

We can all agree, though, that it can be more difficult for mothers to act modestly in the summer.


Both the mother and the child should avoid the excessive heat. Wherever they are able, women should feel secure enough to feed their children.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural behavior. For many mothers, it’s crucial to ensure that their kids develop into strong, healthy adults. A bonus is that you get to bond with the child.

Anytime a mother chooses, she has the right to breastfeed her child in public, regardless of how you may feel about it. Some claim it doesn’t bother them at all, while others say it makes them nervous.

Numerous mothers (and others) throughout the world are praising Melanie Dudley, a mother of a newborn, for her answer after being pushed to cover up by a stranger at a restaurant.

In spite of the restaurant’s 86-degree weather, Melanie Dudley’s three-month-old son decided he was hungry in 2018. They were out to dinner with some friends at the time.

Melanie, a native Texan, and first-time mother, subtly displayed her nipple so her son could begin nursing. Sadly, a man at a nearby table didn’t like what she was doing.


A stranger came up to Melanie and asked her to cover up. Melanie agreed to lie, but not in the manner the man had expected.

“My entire family and I were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas when a man urged me to cover myself. We were seated in the rear of the restaurant, which is unusual for me to be discreet about,” Melanie told Yahoo.

I was wearing the cover, but it was quite hot. My tiny infant was perspiring and it was around 95 degrees outside, the Texan told TODAY.

“You know what? I said. I’m taking this off because I’m on vacation.”

Melanie was unaware of the problem, but the man could see it. When Melanie replied by pulling the duvet over her head, the rest of the diner erupted in laughter.

I simply placed it over my head. I have no idea why. There was no explicit fighting involved. That was all I could muster. I was at a loss for words, so I decided to just hide my head,” the woman said.

The subject of a Facebook photo posted by another woman was Melanie. The subsequent post quickly gained traction and has received over 225,000 shares as of this writing.

Many people praised Melanie for having the guts to publish her photo in public when it became popular.

Melanie wasn’t the first woman to encounter criticism for nursing in public, but her astute answer helped the picture gain a lot of attention, and the discussion that followed prompted coverage from important news publications.

Even in 2018, people are still leaving comments on the post because it still resonates with them. This just helps to highlight the breastfeeding debate’s ongoing significance.

It is a woman’s right to nurse her child and breast milk is referred to as “liquid gold” for a reason, but women are nonetheless cruelly criticized for fulfilling their bodies’ natural needs.

It’s enough to say that when Melanie asked the man who had advised her to hide, he stopped talking.

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