A carbon copy of her dad!» This is what the only heiress of Carrey and Womer looks like today

It was in 1987 that Carrey and Womer welcomed their only daughter! 😲😍 Jane has already grown up and surprises with her incredible resemblance to her legendary father whose new photos can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

There is probably no one who doesn’t know this world-renowned and successful actor and comedian. What concerns his personal life, he has been married twice and has been in a number of romantic relationships. Yet, he has only one heiress.

In 1987 Carrey and his already ex-wife M. Womer welcomed their first and only child Jane. However, soon, their relationship had to undergo obstacles and difficulties which had a great impact on their feelings for each other.

As a result, their marriage ended in divorce. Especially the famous actor had bad times and couldn’t imagine his life without her. He even invited her to join him at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

What concerns their heiress, Jane tried her hand in music in 2012 but, anyway, couldn’t escape from being called «a celebrity child». Her legendary father’s name was constantly being mentioned.

However, she joined her father in various projects including «How Roland Rolls» and «Dumb and Dumber». She has appeared on the TV program called «Catfish» as well.

She takes more interest in music and plans to connect her life with it. Her marriage to Alex Santana was short-lived with whom she shares a son. No matter what, she is genuinely proud of her father and acknowledges his talent.

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