The World’s Largest Tree House Took A Man 14 Years To Build, But Wait Until You See Inside

The largest treehouse in the world is located in Crossville, Tennessee (USA).

The owner, Horace Burgess, claims that God gave him the mandate to build the house. It is also known as “The Minister’s Tree House”.

The home’s ten levels, which are supported by a base of six oaks, were built using about 250,000 nails since 1993.

Photo Credit: Chuck Sutherland

The combined “living space” of all floors is more than 3000 square meters.

Despite being built completely of wood, it was reported to have cost about $20,000 and took 14 years to finish.

Who would create anything like that, exactly? You speculate that she might be insane.

Horace Burgess claims that in 1993, God gave him the order to build the tree house and promised him that he would never run out of wood.

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