«How can be so tasteless!» At the ceremony, Meghan Markle was criticized for her terrible costume

«Where were the Prince’s eyes when she chose this image?»😱The Duchess Meghan Markle completely lost her shame putting on a revealing dress😬😣So disappointing, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Experts have learned exactly the reasons why Meghan refused to attend Charles’ coronation. It turned out that she wanted to decline the invitation so as not to get lost in the crowd of famous people.

Meghan thought that she would participate in the event and that this participation would be regal in nature. But her chosen outfit immediately attracted the attention of those present and the photographers could not miss her.

Markle wore a full gold dress. She chose a shimmery gold brocade dress and carried a gold handbag. Meghan completed the look with gold earrings and precious gold diamond bracelets.

She caused controversy for this outfit because the dress was inappropriate for the occasion. «Did she forget that this wasn’t a Hollywood party?», wrote Internet users.
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