«Wow, what a floor-length gown!» Monica Bellucci stole the show on the red carpet with her outfit

«How believe that she is 58?»😱Brunette actress Monica looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous in her fiery red dress which complimented her svelte waist🔥🤤Look how she perfect in the article👇👇👇

When the film award ceremony took place in Paris, various famous stars were present. Among them, Monica Bellucci was the center of attention when she walked the red carpet. She delighted everyone present at the event, and even the photographers. A handbag and a small silver necklace completed her incredible look.

For all the Internet users, Monica is in amazing shape for her age. Even though she doesn’t like to diet or exercise, she still has an incredible figure. It turns out that the celebrity does not like to go to the gym but likes to walk a lot. She recently said that she would rather wear a black dress than give up a portion of spaghetti.

She says she tries to avoid certain foods when she can and, in addition to food, she values fluid intake and drinks a lot of water

«A magnificent woman», «Time passes but her beauty is eternal», «Unique Belluci», wrote her loyal fans. What do you think of Monica’s look? Share your opinions in the comments.


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