«Proposal over the phone and family dramas!» Some unexpected facts about Jackson’s and Presley’s marriage

What broke the marriage of Jackson and Marie Presley and why didn’t they have children? 🤔🧐 Let’s go deep into detail about their romance and discover the truth! 😮😳For exclusive photos – see the article! 👇👇👇

Not everyone knows that M. Jackson was the second spouse of L. Presley. Their romantic relationship didn’t start until 1992. The future couple first crossed paths at a dinner party due to a mutual friend.

It was in the 1970s that they first met. Shortly after their first encounter, Lisa married Danny Keough who became her first husband. At that time Jackson was just a friend to her.

Not everyone knows that Jackson asked her to marry him over the phone after the woman had supported him during the investigation in 1993. Soon, they officially announced their union.

One of their most remarkable public appearances was in September 1994 when the legendary singer kissed her at the Video Music Awards and spread rumors on the media.

Soon, they started a family but, unluckily, their marital life was full of obstacles. Many claim that the drug abuse of the pop singer caused most of the problems they faced while being married. Their marriage officially ended in 1996.

It is worth mentioning that Presley had four children from her previous marriage and she felt pressure to have kids with the pop star.

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