Man returns home to land he bought to find someone’s built a $1.5 million house on it

I own that and I never sold it’

A man is taking legal action after he returned to land he had purchased to find a house already being built on it.

Dr Daniel Kenigsberg bought the half-acre strip at 51 Sky Top Terrace in Connecticut in 1991. The land, just outside of New Haven, was close to the site of his childhood home, which his dad bought in 1953 for $5,000.

Kenigsberg never lost his fondness for the town. For decades, he held on to a vacant parcel of just under a half-acre next door to his childhood home. His father had bought that land, also in 1953, directly from Eleazar Parmly Jr. — the family that settled the area in 1716.

Greenwichtime reports that despite raising his family in Long Island, after medical school in New York and a residency in Maryland, Kenigsberg never lost his fondness for the two, so held on to the land

He hoped to pass it on to a future generation of Kenigsbergs. “Certainly if one of my children wanted to live in Fairfield, Connecticut, I’d be very happy about that,” Kenigsberg told the publication.

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