This is Why You Should Attach a Clothespin to the Shower

Even if hot showers are already relaxing and enjoyable, you may transform yours into an exquisite spa experience.

You only need a simple wooden clothespin and some essential oil. Taking a morning shower can suddenly make you feel happier, more awake, and more in control.

Taking a shower before bed can also help you de-stress and unwind, allowing you to sleep better. The nice part is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare for this feat.

The Clothespin Essential Oil Shower Hack

You will need:

Wooden clothespin (plastic won’t work)
Your favorite essential oil scent

  1. Pick your oil

Not all essential oil brands are equal. Look for high-quality products that contain only plant compounds with no additives or synthetic oils. Research the brand before buying to ensure their products have a good reputation. Here are some scent suggestions:

Lavender is a popular, subtly floral scent that can aid with sleep and relaxation.
Roman chamomile is also calming with a lightly floral and herbal smell.
Rose can help with anxiety and its scent may be familiar to those new to essential oils.
Vetiver has a smoky, woody, sweet scent to relax the body and boost moods.
Citrus oils, like orange, grapefruit, and lemon, can give a shower a fresh and energizing feeling.
Any essential oil that smells pleasant to you. You can also use a combination of two or three smells.

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