Has Adele gained weight again?”: The appearance of Adele at a solo concert in a tight-fitting dress raised questions

There is no need to say that the iconic and overall-recognized singer Adele never ceases to delight her audience with her charm, femininity and uniqueness. Whereas this time, her recent appearance in a tight-fitting outfit raised questions on the network. Her dress clearly highlighted her figure making it clear that she has gained some extra kilos.

Almost three years ago, there was a crisis in the brilliant performer’s career. She temporarily left the stage and then took a break in her career because of her tragic divorce from the father of her heir Simon Koencki.

And, as a result of this, the legendary woman started radically changing her appearance and, believe it or not, she transformed beyond recognition within just a year. From a plump woman she managed to turn into a stunning and miniature lady not losing her charm and uniqueness.

There was a time when Adele’s fans were even concerned about the performer’s extreme and unhealthy thinness.

Whereas recently, during her performance at a solo concert held in Las Vegas, it became quite clear that the singer gained weight again and is not “skin and bones” anymore. Adele spectacularly appeared in a black velvet dress with a neckline.

Some started to complain that the singer is in the process of gaining the lost kilos again, whereas the others claimed it was actually because of that unusual belt that she looked fatty.

“She is gaining extra weight again”, “Kim, envy silently”, “Nothing can spoil her beauty”, “I can’t get whether she gained weight or it is the dress that visually adds extra kilos”, “Stunning, but one question: why are her hips huge?’.

As the iconic singer mentioned, it was, in fact, due to her crushing diets, regular physical activity and workout that she managed to lose weight without any artificial interventions.

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