«Who said bikinis are not for women in 70s?» Elon Musk’s mother breaks new ground for body positivity

Musk’s mother forgot about her age and showed more than the fans expected! 😮🫣 The provocative photo shoot of the entrepreneur’s 74-year-old mother caused a furor which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The most recent photoshoot of the mother of one of today’s most affluent and successful entrepreneurs let no single one remain indifferent. Musk’s 74-year-old parent breaks all the stereotypes and standards of beauty and ageing.

This time, she caused a stir on the media again appearing half-naked. A number of netizens rushed to comment on her appearance. «What a shame! How a woman her age can dress like this?», «How to unsee this?», «Know your borders!».

«Isn’t it a crime to look so good at 74?», «Someone, please, remind her of her age!», «Now all grannies dream of looking like this!», «Wow! Keep going!», «Who said women in their 70s are not attractive?».

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