Historic pregnancy leaves everyone in the delivery room speechless

Ukrainian Couple Welcomes Quintuplets

A Dream of a Perfect Family

Paris Oksana and Sergey, a couple from Odessa, Ukraine, already had a daughter but hoped to expand their family with another child. They believed that having two children would make their family complete.


During her second pregnancy, Oksana sensed that something was different from her first. She wondered if she might be carrying twins, but with no history of twins in their family, she dismissed the idea.

“No one in our family had ever been pregnant with twins. I was sure I would never experience anything like this,” Oksana shared with the German news source Heftig.

An Unexpected Ultrasound Result


As her pregnancy progressed, Oksana’s intuition proved to be accurate, but in an even more surprising way. During an ultrasound, her doctor’s shocked expression alerted her that something unusual was happening.

“When I saw the shock on the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment,” Oksana said. “Then I heard him mumble something along the lines of: ‘You deserve to have a big house by the sea…’”

The doctor informed her that he could see five, maybe six, fetuses, and it was soon confirmed that Oksana was pregnant with quintuplets. This rare occurrence happens in only 1 in 47,458,321 pregnancies.

Coming to Terms with the News


Oksana and Sergey were stunned by the news and initially struggled to process the reality of having five babies at once. “It almost felt like a nightmare, as though I would wake up at any moment,” Oksana said. Sergey expressed his concerns about managing the care of so many children.

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