Never keep these things inside your home! They attract hardship and bad luck.

We recharge ourselves with good energy at home.
Some things must be considered because they have an impact on our psychology and state like as:

  • Paintings that have negative depictions

They are said to cause memory disorders, neuroses, and anxiety and hinder our spiritual development.

  • Objects the color of the earth
  • Plaster figures and statues
  • Glass walls and floors
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Old and worn-out furniture
  • The knife

The knife should not be left overnight on the table.

  • Footwear

We need to get rid of shoes that are tight, that are worn out.

Objects that benefit us

  • Crystals

Crystals regulate energies.

  • Ficus

Ficus is a plant that accumulates negative energy in the house, balances, brings harmony, peace and removes stress.

  • Paintings

Paintings of old people mean longevity of the house. A painting of a phoenix means rebirth and a peaceful journey through life. A waterfall helps us reach the career we desire. A painting with a rainbow means a beautiful life.

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