Praying for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Steven Tyler will take a sabbatical from performing after suffering serious injuries during his most recent concert.

According to a statement from Tyler’s team, he injured himself while singing during an Aerosmith concert in Long Island.m

Tyler visited his ENT doctor in Boston after his performance, who performed an x-ray on the singer’s vocal cords and found that they were “mangled,” according to TMZ.

Steven Tyler managed to continue his set despite what is believed to have been vocal cord damage early in the performance. He actually managed to hide his agony so well that others were unaware of it.

A source claims that Tyler is currently unable to speak at all; just “squeaks” can be heard. For at least 30 days, voice rest has been recommended by his ENT doctor.

Tyler wrote in his statement, “To all of our fans, ‘I’m heartbroken to say I have gotten serious doctor’s orders not to sing for the next thirty days. I hurt my voice cords during the concert on Saturday, which led to more bleeding. A few of our performances will need to be rescheduled so that we can give you the show you deserve when we return.


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