The woman went on the air with her little child and presented the weather theory

U.S. weather forecaster Schuld conducted a weather forecast with her infant daughter in her arms. The news about the unusual weather forecast spread through all the news channels. After that, Schuld said that she did not originally plan to take the child on live television. Schuld made this weather forecast at the end of January. Usually a nanny sits with the girl, but this time she could not come, and Schuld was offered to conduct a weather forecast with the baby. The woman went on air holding her 13-week-old daughter Fiona. The forecaster decided that her daughter would help her talk about weather changes and lower temperatures. Fiona did not mind, as she behaved very calmly and listened to her mother with interest.

Toddler debut appearance as meteorologist

  1. After the broadcast, Schuld’s colleagues posted footage of her and her daughter online. The unusual weather forecast was also reported by many American media, including CBS News and Inside Edition, whose video has received more than 100,000 views on YouTube.
    The meteorologist said that the idea to conduct a weather forecast with her daughter arose spontaneously. The girl was supposed to be asleep at this time. Working from home, she picked up the time of the broadcast so that it coincided with the time of the girl’s sleep. But Fiona woke up early, and there were only a few minutes left before the broadcast. According to the woman, she was sure that her daughter would behave well, since the baby slept well before the broadcast.

The weather forecast was good. Users left a lot of comments, where they basically said that Schuld had a great assistant. The broadcast turned out to be very sweet and informative. From the first seconds, the baby riveted all the attention to herself, and already none of the spectators listened to the weather forecast. The unusual program captivated and impressed the users, which helped Rebecca and her little co-host to become famous on the network. Not surprisingly, the post of the weather forecast in social networks has collected a huge number of views and a lot of admiring comments. So Fiona became the smallest TV presenter, and also won many fans.

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