Call her «they», not «she»! The new scandalous photos of Lopez’s heiress caused a furor

Lopez asks the fans to call her daughter «they», not «she»!😬 The celebrity supports the non-traditional gender approach of her heiress whose changed appearance you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

Just like Jolie’s daughter, Jennifer Lopez’s heiress Emma has surprised everyone with her entirely new image. The 15-year-old teenager doesn’t look like a girl at all and this raises some questions among the fans.

The show business star encourages her daughter showing her unwavering support. She accepts her non-traditional gender approach and lets her find her true self in her self-discovery journey.

However, Lopez’s open-minded approach results in mixed reactions. Those who remember Emma as a girl are now taken aback seeing how she has changed, while the others view this as a norm having nothing against.

The fact that the iconic star and her heiress have nothing in common concerning the appearance leaves no one indifferent. Their life will never stop being the center of attention. The family itself doesn’t deny that she doesn’t look like a girl.

She may simply have a different interpretation of femininity and, most probably, doesn’t care about others’ opinions and criticism.

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