«Everything is very bad!» The latest news about the eternal beauty Brigitte Bardot worried fans

“We need to send her prayers! Her condition is bad!”😔The famous star Brigitte decided to start a new life in an isolated place away from everyone😱😢What happened in reality, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

The famous film actress had long lived in Saint-Tropez with her husband and pets. However, the abnormal heat in Europe affected the health of the star. The star admitted that her physical condition has been the focus of media attention, and now many are worried about my health. She stated that she felt fine.

The star wants to continue her activities, minding her own business, wearing elegant black outfits, long skirts or leggings. «I don’t care about my outfit anymore», the star said. She said that she no longer thinks about fashion and her wardrobe and the most important thing for her is caring for animals. It’s no secret that she has an undeniable love for animals.

We would like to remind you that the actress felt unwell and had to call an ambulance. The attack was so strong that Brigitte could not breathe on her own. She fainted, and the doctors who arrived connected an oxygen machine. For a long time she was under the supervision of doctors.

The actress’s husband said in an interview that after this incident, Brigitte would rest in their family home in La Madrague. The famous star suffered serious consequences due to breathing problems and a lack of blood oxygenation. This severe problem made it difficult for him to communicate verbally and in writing.


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