She posed in a Christmas sweater, but she didn’t know why everyone was laughing.

After noticing her 50p Christmas cardigan contained a pair of very unpleasant reindeer, a bargain-hunting grandmother was left red-faced.

When Carolyn Hallam, 53, bought the knitwear at a car boot sale, she didn’t notice the romping reindeer on the front.

When she spotted the obnoxious detail while trying on her cardigan at home, she was left speechless.

Abigail, 29, from Nottingham, shared a comical snap of her mother wearing her obnoxious dress online.

“We love finding deals at car boot sales, and mum was overjoyed to get a Christmas jumper for 50p in the summer last year,” she said.

“She picked it up and took a short glance at it, noticing that it was a Christmas sweater, so she decided it would be appropriate to wear to work.”

“She stuffed it into her plastic bag and forgot about it until she got home.”

“When we come home, we always go through what we bought from the car trunk and give it a thorough inspection.” Mum realized she needed to look at the design more closely after holding it up.

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