A Grandma Is Left to Raise All 12 of Her Grandkids After Her Daughter Unexpectedly Dies During Childbirth

A mother’s immeasurable sadness

Patricia’s deep sorrow over losing her beloved daughter Nikita is also accompanied by a feeling of shock because no one could’ve anticipated the horrible event.

Nikita had gone to the hospital alone in order to give birth to her twelfth child. Her mom couldn’t accompany her daughter because she had to stay home and take care of her 11 grandkids.

Everything happened so quickly.

At the hospital, the 35-year-old informed her family that she was being treated for high blood pressure before going in for a C-section. When the family didn’t hear any news from her for several hours, Nikita’s sister went to the hospital to check on her.

The next morning, the family was told that the baby boy, Nathaniel, was born healthy. But the doctors had to operate on Nikita because she had a loose stitch and was bleeding excessively. And it was during this treatment that the young woman sadly passed away.

However, things are still blurry to her heartbroken mother, as she noted ’’I just have a lot of questions right now. I ask myself all the time, ’What went wrong?’’’

Patricia also deeply regrets not going to the hospital with her daughter and says to all mothers: ’’Don’t ever, ever make the mistake that I made, letting your child go (to the hospital) alone. We need to give more attention to what’s going on.’’

Doing what’s best for the children

Despite her grief, Mrs. Pouncey is trying to stay strong to raise her 12 grandkids, ranging in age from 4 months to 19-years-old.

She is very thankful for the outpouring of support and donations she received which surpassed the sum of $80,000. Patricia was also able to get a bigger house as well as a reliable car for her family.

Nikita’s other siblings, including her sister Knox, are also committed to helping raise their late sister’s children in order to make sure they remain together. Knox shared, “Me and my mom and my sisters, we’re gonna make sure it happens.” She added, “The kids know they are gonna be good. We have no choice. No way they would be separated.”

As for Patricia, she wants her beloved daughter to be remembered as a sweet, giving person who loved doing hair, music, and being with family.

Patricia’s dedication to her grandkids reminds us that a grandmother’s love is infinite. Dive into more articles that pay tribute to grandmothers with big hearts:

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