«Like fine wine, better with time!» This is how time has changed legendary actress Streep

Do you remember Miranda from «The Devil Wears Prada»?🤔🧐 The actress who portrayed the leading role has aged like wine! 😍💘 See how Streep has changed in this article! 👇👇👇

No one would deny that millions of viewers who watched this movie for not only Anne Hathaway, but also the portrayal of Miranda by one of the most towering actresses M. Streep.

The life and evolving appearance of this iconic actress never cease to evoke interest and become the subject of discussions. Her recent appearance at the Broadway premiere of the play «Pictures from Home» delighted everyone.

The fans couldn’t believe that their favorite actress was already 73. She gave her preference to a dark blue velvet jacket, bright red pants and black shoes. As a perfect complement, she opted a leather shoulder bag and cat-eye glasses.

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