«Born with a white streak of hair!» Once an amazing baby girl grew up and surprised the world

«Seemed like an ordinary baby, but years later the unexpected happened!»😯A small hair streak opened doors to the fashion world for a little girl🥰❤️Everyone is amazed, admire in the article⬇️⬇️

When people are born with even a little unusuality, they immediately become famous on social networks. When this girl named Mila was born, she had a white streak of black hair. The baby has already matured and is already one year old. She delighted everyone when she appeared in the photo shoot.

In the social media world, she is known as Baby Cruella due to her resemblance to the famous Disney cartoon character. After a quiet pregnancy, Maya’s mother gave birth to a little girl, and all the doctors were delighted. This was not something unusual, considering that her family had this trait.

On the Internet, many people found this feature funny, and after the mother posted a photo of the girl on social networks, the baby became so successful that she decided to do a photo shoot in which Maya was in the image of Cruella De Vil.

This is how the girl gained popularity even before she learned to walk and talk. After all, the possibilities of social networks in our time are endless! What can you say about this special little girl?

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