Drone Camera Captured 1-in-a-Million Shot of Huge Moose Shaking His Head, Then…

Moose have one of the most distinctive antlers in the world. They start growing antlers once they reach a certain age. Only males grow such unique antlers. In this clip, an astonished Canadian man records from his drone camera as a moose sheds both of its antlers.

Derek Burgoyne was flying his drone near Juniper, New Brunswick, Canada, and he spotted three moose that were bedded down. Derek is what he calls a “shed hunter,” which is someone who hunts for moose antlers that have been shed by their owner.

Moose antlers are all bone, compared to animal horns that are bone and cartilage. All male moose grow and lose their antlers each year, but it’s rare to catch the sight on camera.

The man was really captured by the beauty of the huge animal. But when he shook his head, they were shocked completely. Both of his antlers, which each weigh around 40 pounds, fell down on the snow. This does not cause any pain to the moose.

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