From an eyesore bus into a dream house!» The man turns a miserable bus into a fun tiny house

One man buys an ugly old bus and remodels it into a fun small house! 😮👏 He turns everyone’s heads by showing the final result which you too can see in this article! 👇👇👇

No one had an idea that this bus would end up becoming a comfy house shortly after appearing under the hands of a skillful and creative-minded master.

The bus can boast of having a long history before «retiring». Before becoming a commuter bus, it was taken to Mt. St. where it served as a tour bus. Later, a man named Matt made it a food truck.


Afterwards, it was taken to Portland, where it earned the name «the Grilled Cheese Grill» making it quite clear that the Polish people love food and drink. And lately, it became the property of Whit Scott who decided to make it a fun tiny house.

All in all, he spent around 22 thousand dollars and five months of diligent work and effort to achieve the desirable results. It can boast of having a lovely countertop and there is everything needed for a proper life. There, one can see a fridge and even a microwave in the kitchenette.


The bathroom is tiny but it looks quite cute. There is a full-size shower, a small sink as well as a composting toilet. There is one and only bedroom which has a queen-sized bed as well as a cozy area which will soon become a small cinema zone.

For those who don’t know, the man is an entrepreneur and at some point he got sick and tired of working in front of a computer and decided to change everything. One can say that he is truly a talented man who has rich imagination and determination.

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