So much like her mother!». Jennifer Lopez posted a photo with her mother, showing off their resemblance

It’s clear where her beauty comes from 🤗😍

Jennifer Lopez is a stunning star, who attracts everyone around with her beauty and charisma. She claims that she inherited all these good features from her mother and even at the age of 52 she still gains attention with her look.

76-year-old Guadalupe look younger than her actual age. She is so attractive, intelligent and elegant, so no one can give her more than 50. Jennifer has spoken about her mother many times, expressing her gratitude to her for what she has now.

The pretty woman actively participates in dancing with her daughter, goes to the gym regularly, keeps a strict diet, eats only healthy food and at the same time takes care of her grandchildren.

Although many critics claim that Jennifer looks younger due to numerous plastic surgeries, the star herself denies such rumors, saying that everything on her appearance is natural. Even she shares daily photos without makeup to prove that her beauty is natural.

But, in fact, they have a strong resemblance.

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