The owners gave this old miserable place an amazing makeover turning it into a stylish and minimalistic apartment

No one believes this is the same house! 😱🤔 The family spent 6000 dollars and transformed a decaying house into a modern apartment! 😮👏See photos of the final result in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s article is about one young family who determined to radically transform their ugly old apartment with «granny’s renovation» whose miserable look left a lot to be desired. It seemed totally uninhabitable and was literally an eyesore for the couple.

They started with the kitchen. Initially, the room didn’t have a set as such, so the first thing the family did was to order a corner kitchen. Much space makes storage and cooking process much easier and more enjoyable. Tiles in beige shades were laid.

The family bought a new table and chairs. A lamp with a silver shade was hung above them. Their shades perfectly fit into the special atmosphere. What concerns the corridor leading the kitchens to the living quarters, it also underwent big changes.

The owners considered the demolition of the outdated mezzanines. Instead of that, they made a stylish wardrobe. The living room has changed beyond recognition. They ordered new modern furniture which makes the apartment more welcoming.

The bathroom was the one which needed urgent renovation the most.  Its miserable look left a lot to be desired. Tiles were chosen in light shades which matched well with the interior and décor.

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