74 surgeries for being Barbie!» TV star Rodrigo Alves went through many surgeries to surprise the world

Once famous Ken turned into Barbie!»😲The already blonde changed her name from Rodrigo to Jessica and showed off her curvy forms in a swimsuit🫣😵Her new appearance see here👇👇👇

When a famous TV star named Rodrigo Alves who went through surgery to look like Ken surprised the whole world with his new decision. He recently went through 74 surgeries to look like Barbie and change his name to Jessica․ She dreamed of being a gorgeous blonde, for which she spent a lot of money and went through emotional difficulties.

Jessica confidently stated that she is the woman that all men in the world dream of now. In recent photos she was in a swimsuit and showed off her figure perfectly․ But after these photos, not all Internet users were happy with her appearance.

But among them there were people who praised her for her unique and incredible beauty, but others could not understand why she decided to be a girl.

Users are sure that she did it for fame․ Of course I wonder what her parents think about such changes․ Some were delighted with their new appearance, while many were disappointed and even worried about their health.

What do you think about her appearance? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments where you can discuss her appearance․

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