They tried to break me, but I became stronger!» Sidibe gets candid about body-shaming and self-discovery journey

Everyone laughed at this obese actress having no idea she would become a hottie one day! 😲🫣 Those who bullied her want to take their words back! 😏 She shared her new photos which can be found in this article! 👇👇👇

Few know that this outstanding dark-skinned Afro-American actress gained fame and recognition shortly after the release of «Precious» which hit our screens back in 2009. For her iconic role, she deservedly received an Oscar.

Despite her incredible talent and professionalism, the legendary film star periodically faces harsh criticism and judgement from the international community. This is mainly connected with her appearance and overweight.

Far not everyone knows that the iconic movie star suffers from bulimia. She weighed, believe it or not, 200 kilos. Sidibe often gets depressed and anxious because of her insecurities and other people’s offensive words.

Recently, a new word emerged connected with this type of shaming, called «fatshaming». Especially after the movie scenes during which she appears half-naked, the number of her haters dramatically increased.

She has admitted that others’ disbelief and criticism not only didn’t break her, but also made her stronger and she eventually started losing weight by the regular gym trainings and right eating.

It was back in 2016 that she was put under the knife because of her health issues. A part of her stomach had to be removed which dramatically decreased her appetite and she soon visited dietologists before starting her journey.

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