8 things that insanity women in bed 🤤😍🔥

The eye demands its share – The first thing that matters is cleanliness. An untidy man with an appearance that does not please the eye lowers sexual desire. On the contrary, a man who smells good, is clean, with trimmed nails and a trimmed beard, or neat, excites more

Kisses are never enough – A kiss is the beginning of everything! A man who knows how to kiss is more likely to end up in bed with a woman. They like kisses of any kind, be it on the lips, gills, or cheeks.

Extend the warm-up phase – On average, intercourse lasts 15 minutes, but women don’t like this time. In their view, speed is selfishness, where men think only of themselves. So, men, extend the act a little longer!

Fantasy – Making love always in the same position is boring. Women prefer to experiment different positions and especially to stimulate them in the intimate part.

Never ask questions – During sex, a man asks questions like “Where did you learn?” or “Who taught you?” This type of question is annoying for the woman and leads directly to a decrease in desire. The past is the past! The important thing is to enjoy the moment.

Whisper exciting words – There are many women who think that the peak of pleasure lies in the ears. A woman’s excitement starts from whispering the words “how beautiful you are”, “you excite me immensely”, “your body makes me mad” etc. For a woman, words are an important part of having a good sexual relationship.

Better quality than quantity – Many men think that they please their partner by giving her two sexual intercourses in a row. There is nothing more wrong! After you have completed sexual intercourse, the most appropriate thing is to relax, perhaps with a glass of wine or a pleasant conversation, but never start over again, as instead of pleasure it can turn into annoyance.

Do not sleep – Do not sleep immediately after intercourse! To fully enjoy the sexual act, it is important to pay attention to your partner, until the moment you fall asleep together

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